FTWNB Campout 

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May 11th & 12th - Raleigh, NC

Meet at OCCP.
Roll out at 5pm, May 11th.
Spend the night in Umstead.
Return to Raleigh 11am, May 12th.

Come to our FTWNB Commuter and Campout Clinic May 2nd at 7pm to prepare:


Our next FTWNB (femme, transgender, women, nonbinary) campout is happening Saturday, May 11th. OCCP employee Kathryn will be leading riders, campers, and adventurers out to William B. Umstead for a sub-24-hour-overnight (s24o) campout. The site will be Umstead's Youth Camp.

This event is self-supported, meaning there is no support and gear vehicle, and all participants must pack and carry all their own gear and food. Come to the clinic to find out who might share their tent or camp stove with you! Youth Camp offers tent sites, plenty of hammock trees, a pit privy, fire ring, two picnic tables and running water.

The ride is approximately 15 miles to the campsite on paved greenway and crushed gravel. The ride will leave from the shop (212 E Franklin St. Raleigh, NC) at 5pm. Arrival to the campsite should be around 7-7:30pm. The ride back to the shop will be Sunday morning, between 9 and 10am. All participants in neighboring areas who are unable to meet at the shop are free to ride to the campsite and meet the group at Youth Camp.

If rain is in the forecast, the ride and campout will still occur unless severe storms are expected to happen or torrential downpours are expected to fall for the majority of the time while camping.

ALL PARK RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED. While dogs are allowed in the park, they are NOT permitted at campgrounds. Please dispose of food and trash in the proper receptacles.

If you have any questions regarding this event, e-mail us at

The event is FREE and open to ALL women, transgender, femme, and nonbinary folks.

ATL Cycling Fest - CX Skills Clinic w/ Bike Law GA

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May 14th 6:30 - 8:30pm, Brownwood Park, ATL

Join GRITS - Girls Racing in the South - & Georgia Bike Law for an interactive clinic, covering the basic skills of cyclocross. You’ll learn how to dismount/remount for barriers, shouldering your bike, cornering skills, and more!

All levels welcome for those who are learning for the first time or are in need of a refresher! You’ll need your bike with knobby tires, water bottles, and whatever you feel comfortable riding in (kits are recommended). Helmets required!!

We’ll meet at 6:30 at Brownwood Park Recreation Center. Around 8 we'll wrap up and then head to Holy Taco - The ACF Host Bar for the night - for some awesome tacos!

May 11 - 17

Atlanta Cycling Festival

The Atlanta Cycling Festival is a week long festival all around bicycling! Atlanta bicycle rides, bicycle classes and, of course, bicycle parties.

The 2019 Atlanta Cycling Festival will be Saturday May 11 - Friday, May 17. Rides dates and times will be released as they are confirmed. Fully Calendar release will be in April/May.

For more information:

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