Hoefer Factory Racing

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

For the 2019/2020 season, we have made our love for local framebuilder Hoefer Cycles official and become GRITS Hoefer Factory Racing.

Hoefer Cycles is a (currently) small operation run out of Shady Dale, Georgia, a short drive from our hometown of Atlanta, GA. Having ties with such a remarkable frame builder is crucial for our team of odd-shaped humans that big-name brands tend to overlook.

Hoefer has equipped 3 of our racers with custom race bikes thus far.

The first being Bri, who was in need of a lightweight race-worthy bike that fit her proportions - long legs, short torso, and a towering 5'1" build.

While there were options available on the big name market, none of them were nimble enough to be the CX destroyer that was needed.

Taking some aspects from Bri’s beloved Ritchey Swiss Cross and shrinking it down to a bike that actually fit, her custom Hoefer CX ripper was born - and actually had room for TWO full sized water bottles (that obviously come off during the race season. We're pro around here)

Next is Karli's CX shred-sled. At 4'11", there was not a solid race bike option for Karli on the big market lineup. While she rode the hell out of her Surly Straggler, the frame itself was still a bit too heavy for hopping over barriers and wiggling through courses. Thanks to Hoefer, she now has a race-worthy bike that not only fits her, but glides over every obstacle and barrier with ease.

Also, for both of our small frames, the most exciting part is having the full "Thomson" on our Thomson seat posts showing! There were several years of riding real neat "Tho" posts.

Lastly but certainly not leastly, is Anastasia's killer mountain bike. It's as fast as it is mean and built to hold up to all of the torture she can throw at it. For years, she had struggled with neck & back pain while riding, largely due to riding bikes that were too big for her. She wanted a bike that was custom fit to her body so she could ride longer distances & faster!

Her second time riding it, she took it to a 3 hour mountain bike race and won.

I don't really know what else you need to know about the bike.

If you want to know more of the technical side of things, Hoefer or the Loose Nuts Cycles dudes would love to chat with you about it! While we may not be into technicalities, we know what we like; we like going fast, and we like bikes that are what we like and go fast.

We're excited to get more of the team on Hoefers over time. We're honored to represent such a rad human & framebuilder in our own backyard and take his builds on cool adventures and hopefully just a few podiums.

If you're in the market for a sick new bike and the big brands just aren't doing it for ya, check out Hoefer Cycles for your dream bike.


IG: @HoeferCycles