Race Report - Gone Riding #1

words & race by Grace Anne Ingham.

Gone Riding’s GSC (Georgia State Championship) #1 / Hard Labor Creek State Park Social Circle, GA

Race was three laps, 19 miles total (although I had it a bit short).

I got into the woods second (field of three though let's remember) and was able to stay close to the first woman for the half lap. I hit a tree in the first 15 minutes and had to chase her back down after getting back on my bike, but I had the good fortune to catch her at the base of a massive climb. I was able to get around her on the climb (mad props to her for being nice about me passing because I had NO IDEA the procedure for that) and stayed away for the rest of the race! I crashed a lot but always was able to get back on the bike and keep going!

There was a gnarly stream crossing that I took cyclocross-style because there was no way I was riding my bike through a freaking RIVER! I had a ton of fun, and being in the race environment forced me to get really comfortable with my bike really quickly. It was overall an amazing experience and so much fun! I really loved every second of it! I finished up on the top step of the Women's Cat 2 Podium- and based on time I would have been second in Cat 1! So I am very excited for an awesome MTB season racing for GRITS to come!