Race Report: Elks Aidmore / Race 1 GACX

Elks Aidmore has always been a favorite course of ours. It consists almost entirely of singletrack and really plays into our mountain biking backgrounds.

We had four women from the team out racing and one in the team mom role making sure the day ran smoothly!

At 10:15am, the 4/5 womens lined up. 17 ladies at the starting line with Hannah Cheney and Anastasia Schultz at the front of the group. At the whistle, Anastasia bolted for the hole shot, while letting out a terrifyingly stoked battle screech. If nothing else, everyone knew that GRITS was there & we meant business.

Unfortunately, the slippery roots on the singletrack section slipped her tires out and she took a nasty spill.

Up by the barriers, which were positioned at the top of a technical hill climb, Hannah came up around 5th place on lap 1. Looking strong & keeping a consistent pace, by lap 2, she had gotten to second position. By lap 3, she had a comfortable gap between her and the field behind her & managed to come across the line in 2nd behind Dawn Hill of L5 Flyers.

Anastasia finished just outside of the Top 10 in 12th.

Later in the day, Nina Mastandrea and Brianna Goral lined up for the newly added Women's 3/4 race. There were nine women in the field and they were all able to line up in a straight line across the course.

Heading into the woods around the first turn, Nina was sitting 3rd with Brianna on her wheel in 4th.

Stacy Robinson of L5 Flyers and Iris Levine of Bike Law made crucial passes around the Masters 4/5 field who had been started about 30 seconds before the women.

On the first technical downhill, Brianna made a move around the first 3 women into 1st place. Unfortunately, 1st didn't last long as Dawn Hill (yes, the same one who beat Hannah in an earlier race) was hot on her wheel. At the pass, she was gone and Brianna worked to put a gap in between her and 3rd place.

Nina got caught up in a box of the rest of the women's field and the Master's and Singlespeed race that were on the course at the same time. She was unable to pass for an extended period of time, getting trapped behind the other racers.

Brianna was able to maintain her 2nd position across the line with Nina following close behind in 6th.

All in all, it was a successful kick off the the Georgia CX season! It was great to see our cross family again. Thank you to everyone who cheered lap after lap, took us up on our handups, and came to hang out at our tent.

See y'all next week for Grant Park! We promise to bring the party.