Reclaimed 3 & 6 Hour MTB Race

Words by @grannygeargoral

Yesterday, three GRITS members & one honorary GRITS set out to the second race of Chainbuster’s 2019 Endurance Series at Cloudland Canyon.

It was my first time racing mountain bikes solo on trails that I had never seen before.

At 5:30am, we loaded up our cars and headed north to Rising Fawn, GA. It was the coldest day of the week and I was in no way prepared for it to be even colder at the top of the state. Luckily, I had grabbed my Defeet arm warmers at the last second that morning, so I was at least covered.

Megan and guest member, Abby, we’re racing female duo 6 hour. Anastasia and I raced 3 hour solo.

At 10am, we lined up for the start. It being my first mtb race, I stuck near the back & didn’t make much effort in passing people during the road start. Big mistake...

As soon as we got to the woods, there was an immediate bottleneck that lasted for about a mile of the course.

About midway through, eberyone settled to their spots & passing became much less frequent.

As my first mountain bike race, I struggled with appropriate passing. It’s definitely something I need to practice as I realized later that I lost a lot of time by settling in behind folks who were holding a slower pace than I typically default to.

Once I got feeling back in my hands and could feel when I was shifting / braking, I had a blast! The trails had a few killer climbs, but they were rewarded shortly after with rad windy descents.

All in all, Chain Buster put on an amazing event with an even better route!

I realized that I have a lot to learn. It was refreshing to be new at something.

The four of us are already planning to make it out to the rest of the series.

If you would like to learn more & come race with us, check out Chain Buster’s website!