The Cost of Cross

As we’re all well aware, #crossiscoming (always). But what we don’t talk about as much is the cost of cross. Outside is free but bikes and racing are not!

For our first season of racing as a team, we planned to be fully self-funded. We gathered a couple of amazing sponsorships from some of our favorite companies to cover most of our gear, but there’s were still licenses to be bought, race entries to be covered, and travel expenses. Throughout that season, we gained far more traction that we initially planned for and our finances wound up spread thin as we traveled the Southeast spreading the stoke.

All of that being said, we want to take a moment to appreciate our sponsors and all of their support thus far, as well as you guys for purchasing our T-shirts and kits, the proceeds of which went to supporting the team as we found our legs.

Thank you to our existing sponsors, Toecutters for adventures and provision galore, Loose Nuts and Oak City Cycling Project for always being there to fix up our bikes, Hoefer Cycles for building them from scratch, Spindle for discounts on that good good fuel and gear, Wahoo for our computers and heart rate monitors to track training progress, HandUp for keeping our hands comfy and cool, DeFeet for keeping our socks matching our kits, and Pit Viper for keeping the sun and wind out of our eyes. 

In 2018 we took the earnings from merch sales and applied it primarily to our main focus of making racing seem like not such a far off goal for ladies just getting in to the sport. This included hosting clinics, traveling to events, donating to the prize money of women’s podiums, and covering race fees for new riders.

Looking forward in 2019, we have doubled in size, expanded to a second state, and 14 ladies with 14+ bikes ain't a cheap game. We’re all fully employed, but even working 40-60 hours a week doesn’t cut it sometimes, which is where this happy lil GoFundMe factors in!

Anything you’re able to provide to help keep us shredding is greatly appreciated. Not only have we expanded our team and our reach, we are continuing to advocate for new riders and develop our community partnerships to make cycling accessible in our various home cities. 

Any level of donation is amazing. Here are some ways it will be applied: $5-20 buys magical energy space food for us and for event attendees; print route guides, patches, and spoke cards; book campsites; or helps contribute to larger cost items. $45 puts another w/t/f on the race course. $50 helps keep their bike in shape. $100 and up helps cover the cost of any replacement parts needed.

Every dollar counts, and we promise it will be used to shred the hell out of the gnar.

All the love and all the gratitude for your donations, even if it’s simply sending this link along to friends and family! We love to get the word out, letting more people know about women’s cycling, and gathering support from every corner of these (mostly) great United States.

P.S stay tuned for upcoming fundraising events and new merch coming soon (hint hint: patches!)